Medical was the theme which brought us together in 2016. Ashok's daughter Stella was the first beneficiary and it was a cumulative effort from all to experience the satisfaction of doing something FINALLY for the Alumni in need of help.

The above positive result gave us the Group Medical Policy (GMC) for the Alumni, our second big achievement. It probably is the only such policy for ex students anywhere in the world.

The ongoing offer of MedHealth Platinum card for OPD treatment, is another very good product which has been bought by the Alumni across India.


The Governing Body of GMS Alumni (Registered in New Delhi), has decided to raise a fund of about INR 3.75 lakhs for the below project which would be benefitting the entire staff (and their immediate family) currently employed in GMS and funds permitting to extend the benefit for staff who may have retired from GMS.


We intend to equip every staff of GMS with a MedHealth card which would primarily give the below benefits. For teaching staff we intend to give them the MedHealth Diamond card and to the non-teaching staff, we intend to give the MedHealth Gold card. This gives us an opportunity to pay back the staff who had been instrumental in shaping us in our formative years. For over a hundred years old School we have not done anything for the staff.

Let us do it this time.